Friday, April 11, 2008

Voyages of Vanguard ep. 37!

Voyages of Vanguard #37
Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:18:00 GMT [download/play]

This week Luper is back for more! (Thank goodness.)
Make sure to go to to read Luper's walk-through. It is under construction, but you'll get the idea!

Some highlights from show 37:

* We'll talk 'bout mods, I have been using some. If you want to try some out, here are the ones I have been trying:

Darker UI
Drox UI (the most used from what I can tell)

* We talk about a cool dungeon that Luper likes a bunch! After this, you'll know what players mean when they say "they can flip." And no, it has nothing to do with politics.

* We talk a bit about a listeners email, and will get to the other half of his email next week.

* Then, we ask if Luper is a....a....DOUBLE BOXER!! Du du DUUUUUM. Lot's of people do it, we talk about it.

We received a good amount of email about the last show, and keep 'em coming! Again, if you have any subjects you'd like us to address, send 'em along! Remember, we can only pick a few to talk about, so convince us! :)


This week's song is "Bone Machine" by the Pixies, one of the best bands in the world. PERIOD.

1 comment:

brian said...

Hello, Xndyr here. I'm the author of myUI. I thought I would respond to a few of your comments about my UI MOD. You mentioned two specific complaints about the mod, and while I fully understand that not every player will like a given MOD, I thought you might want to know that your two comments are actually already addressed in myUI.

the XP bar has always been something you could toggle on or off, it's a feature of the default UI, and while I "skinned" the XP bar, it's still referenced by the same name (window/xml object name) as the default, so you can turn it off in the same manner--if you go to the game "Options" window, and click on the interface tab, there is a toggle about halfway down the list to turn on/off the XP bar. This will hide it.

Likewise the player stats gauge in the upper left corner can also be turned off, by going in to the myUI Settings control pannel. On the first tab where you turn off the background image you can also hide that gauge. True, it's not something that is movable (although I could add that as an option), the encounter HUD will always show your health gauge along side of the offensive target health gauge, so if a player didn't like having that gauge in the upper left corner they could turn it off.

Thanks for checking out myUI though, and for the possitive comments :)