Friday, April 11, 2008

Voyages of Vanguard ep. 37!

Voyages of Vanguard #37
Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:18:00 GMT [download/play]

This week Luper is back for more! (Thank goodness.)
Make sure to go to to read Luper's walk-through. It is under construction, but you'll get the idea!

Some highlights from show 37:

* We'll talk 'bout mods, I have been using some. If you want to try some out, here are the ones I have been trying:

Darker UI
Drox UI (the most used from what I can tell)

* We talk about a cool dungeon that Luper likes a bunch! After this, you'll know what players mean when they say "they can flip." And no, it has nothing to do with politics.

* We talk a bit about a listeners email, and will get to the other half of his email next week.

* Then, we ask if Luper is a....a....DOUBLE BOXER!! Du du DUUUUUM. Lot's of people do it, we talk about it.

We received a good amount of email about the last show, and keep 'em coming! Again, if you have any subjects you'd like us to address, send 'em along! Remember, we can only pick a few to talk about, so convince us! :)


This week's song is "Bone Machine" by the Pixies, one of the best bands in the world. PERIOD.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Podcast #37- Telonians?

Hello there fellow, Telonians! (Is that what we're called? ha)

Beau doesn't know I'm writing this yet. *sneaky sneaky*

-In Podcast #37, Beau went over some of the Mods that you can use with Vanguard. Here are some links, if you'd like to check them out for yourself!


-Also, If you'd like to change the size of something in your UI. You can type "/uiwinscale #" For an example, I use "/uiwinscale .62" for my buffs. The only issue with this is that you will have to refresh it every time you log in. I have a macro made for it, so when I log in I just go to that hot bar and click it.

I know someone was telling me you can change this perma with some kind of coding, but I was really unsure of how to go about that. If someone knows, it would be nice if you would leave me a comment on how to do that and what not! =)

-Are you level 47 or higher? Need Lucent Circle Faction in ToT (Temple of Tehatamani) and want a heroic mask, ring x2, earring x2, cloak, and other fun items? Do this and your dreams shall come true! Note: The lucent necklace will become a legendary item once you hit 16k faction and do the lucent necklace quest (This is a separate quest line).

What you will need:
* One member in the group with 10k faction who has the lucent necklace.
* DPS heavy group in order to clear mobs as quickly as possible.
* Healer who is paying attention and not scratching his/her (who knows) bawlz.
* Every group member should pick up the quests to kill 100 mobs in each temple. (This quest is share'able)

Brief overview: Each temple is laid out a little bit differently, but has the same basic concept. There are traps and dead ends in every temple so be very careful.

Directions: (Step by step) This is just one of the temples. Remember each temple is a little different.

Step 1: Clear into the temple until you get to a room that looks like this.
When you get to this room, you must be prepared to clear as quickly as possible. Each platform must be cleared. That means NO mobs on the platforms. The spawn time is decently quick, but if you have a dps heavy group you should be able to clear it quick enough. From experience, we've found that without heavy dps, the spawn time on the mobs is too quick, and we were unable to clear the platforms.

Step 2: Once each platform is cleared, have everyone, but the person who is able to click on the essence standing around the essence. You must protect it from all the mobs, but only for what seems to be seconds. If everyone takes a side and tags the mobs, you should be able to complete this part. If the essence is hit once, the event will not start. (That means, you'll have to rinse and repeat.) If you complete it correctly, the room will be filled with lucent cirlcle men and women. It will look much like this.

Step 3: Pick up the quest "A Call to Arms" from the NPC named Commander Isek above the essence. As soon as everyone has the quest, RUN as FAST as you can to the front entrance of the temple.

Step 4: Each wave has 3 mobs. The first wave will look like this. Named= Pten
You must protect the lucent circle men and women. So that means NO AE TAUNTS, NO AOE ATTACKS, NO TAB TARGETTING!?!?!?!? If you hit a lucent circle soldier, just DIE! Have your cleric rez you and get back in the fight.

Your tank should make sure none of the lucent circle mobs are being hit. You cant rescue, so you have to just pure out damage the npc mob. (which doesnt seem to0 hard to do.. the lucent circle npc's dont seem to do a lot of dmg, but they do help)

We also figured out that if the lucent circle mobs do not get official aggro, they wont help. Use them as buffers and peel the named first. Then go for the adds. Everyone should have an assist (insert tank name) macro. It will help =D

If you have someone in your group who does not need Lucent Circle Faction, you can have them kill the Lucent Circle People who are on the platform so that you can AoE/Taunt freely.

Step 5: It will take a little bit of time, but the next wave will come. 2nd Named= Sethu

Step 6: This wave will come much quicker than any of the other named. (No faction will be awarded for this named.) 3rd wave named= Apebu.

Step 7: 4th wave named= Meb.

Step 8: 5th wave named= Rthys.

Step 9: The final and 6th named= Deshraos the Conqueror. Without this named, you can not complete the quest. He does run, so save your double dmg and major dmg attacks for the final hits.

Step 10: Run back in and turn in the quest. After you return the quest, the event will continue to repeat itself whether you take the quest over again or not. Each turn in is supposed to give you 3 medals, but we've found that if all the lucent circle men and women live, you will get 7 per turn in. =D $$$

So, try your best to protect them. This is a very fun event!

If you have any more questions about the quest, please feel free to send Beau ( or me ( an email. Also, if you have other questions you'd like us to answer or topics you'd like us to discuss send us a message! =)

I hope you enjoy, and I can't wait to hear from ya'll!


~Luper the Dragonslayer

P.S: Apologies to Erron!!?! I pronounced his name Erros.